The 4th Tottori Sand Dune Triathlon Event Guideline

Name of the tournament The 4th Tottori Dune Triathlon Competition
Organizer Tottori Sand Dunes Triathlon Executive Committee
Co-host Tottori Triathlon Association
Cooperation Tottori-ken, Tottori-shi
Sponsorship Tottori Prefectural Board of Education, Tottori Prefectural Athletic Association, Tottori Youth Conference Center, Fukube-Kai Production Union Hama Yuyama Fruit Union, Tottori Prefectural Fisheries Cooperative Association, Japan Triathlon Union, Iwami Life Saving Club, Tottori University Life Saving Club, Kaike Life Saving Club
Grant Tottori Sand Dunes New discoveries The event business subsidy is utilized.
Sponsor Yamata home, Marsan AI Tottori Co., Ltd., CFS Co., Ltd. Matsushima Paint Shop,
Hayashima Equipment Co., Ltd.

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Date of the event Sunday, June 16, 2019
Competition Headquarters Iwato Beach
Place of competition

Triathlon (Personal division, relay, Junior A, Junior B)

Su-mu  Iwato Beach
* Standard distance, wear wet suit duty
* In the event of a stormy swim stop, the first run is carried out as Duathlon.
The bar Road around Tottori Sand dunes
Laun Around Tottori sand dunes and Fukube town roads
Finish Iwato Beach parking lot
Competition Content
Personal Department Swim 1.5 km, motorbike 40km, run 10km
Relay section Relay section
* Swim, motorbike, and run relays in a set of 3 people.One event per person.
Junior A Swim 380m, motorbike 5.6 km, run 4km
Junior B Swim 800m, motorbike 17km, run 6km
Quorum Individual Department 350 people
30 pairs of relays (3 persons per pair) 90 people
Junior A. b Combined 30 people
Participation Fee
Personal Department JTU members 20,000 Yen jtu non-members 21,000 yen
Relay section 27,000 yen
Junior A. B 5000 Yen
(including accident insurance premiums.)* In the case of net payment, there may be an additional fee.
Eligibility for participation Department of individual and relay
  • As of December 31, 2019, we have experience in the competitions such as swimming, bicycle, and Marathon, with a good sense of health and sociality and cooperation of 18 years of age or older, understand the rules of the competition, acquire manners as sportsmen, The person who is admitted to have the stamina and the energy which can finish with room in the time limit.
  • The relay participant shall include one or more JTU members.
Junior A
  • In the healthy and social and cooperative of junior high school students, we have experience in the competitions of swimming, bicycle, marathon, etc., to understand the rules, to acquire manners as sportsmen, and to finish with room within the time limit, The person who is recognized to have energy.
Junior B
  • In the healthy and social and cooperative of high school students, we have experience in swimming, bicycle and marathon competitions, understand the rules of the competition, and acquire manners as sportsmen, The person who is admitted to have the stamina and the energy which can finish with room in the time limit.
To stay at June 15 (Sat) * Tottori Shimin Kaikan

14:00 ~ 15:00 Reception and Player Registration
15:00 ~ 16:00 Opening ceremony and explanation of rules (all attendance)

Sunday, June 16

7:00 ~ 8:00 Reception start ※ Iwato Beach parking lot
8:50 ~ Start of competition Junior A and B
9:10 ~ Start of competition general, relay start
13:30 End of competition
13:30 ~ 14:50 Closing ceremony, award ceremony and Scissors Tournament * Iwato Beach parking lot
* The time may change depending on the circumstances.
* Detailed time will be announced in the final guideline and race information on the day.

◇ players who do not participate in the reception/player registration, Opening Ceremony/Rule description of the previous day
Players who do not terminate in the time specified "final player registration" on the day will not be allowed to participate.
◇ We do not accept any time-out reception, so please be punctual.

Time limit
Department of individual and relay ○ Swim 50 minutes from start, 155 minutes motorbike, 240 minutes run
Junior A ○ Swim 10 minutes from the start, 40 minutes motorbike, 70 minutes run
Junior B ○ Swim 10 minutes from the start, 40 minutes motorbike, 70 minutes run
Application Period Saturday, February 16, 2019-Friday, May 10, 2019
* However, it will be the deadline when the capacity is reached.
How to apply Web entry only (MSPO)
Please apply from the link of the competition homepage (

◇ the cost of participation will be cancelled due to the applicant's convenience or the cancellation of the event due to adverse weather conditions
 No refunds will be given.
◇ In addition to the participation fee, the fee for the entry will be borne by the person.
◇ please apply after agreeing to the participation pledge.
Application decision The application will be determined by the order of completion of payment.

◇ for the convenience of the Web entry system, you can pay the participation fee even after exceeding the capacity.
  In that case, you will be contacted by the applicant and refunded the paid participation fee to the applicant.
◇ you cannot transfer qualifications.
Participation decision Note
◇ applicants who have determined that the organizer may interfere with the management of the competition may not be allowed to participate
  It is.In that case, only the paid participation fee will be refunded to the applicant.
Supplied items (1) Participation Award (2) Wristband (3) Swim cap (4) Race number 2, safety pin 8 pieces
(5) Race number sticker (2 Pieces for motorcycle, 1 piece for helmet) (6) Changing bag
Portrait rights The rights to the likeness of the Convention belong to the organizer.
* Personal information will be complied with laws and regulations applicable to the protection of personal information.
Except to use it as a notification method of the selection result notification and information about the conference,
I will not use it unless I have the consent of the person.